About us

At EvasionKiteboards, we are passionate about water sports and board manufacturing. For us, crafting a kiteboard or foilboard is an artistic expression of our love for the sport and the sea.

The journey into the world of kiteboard design began in 2006 when the founder of the brand, Julien Racca, realized that the quality of a kiteboard had a significant impact on performance and the enjoyment of riding. He started creating his own kiteboards, drawing on his knowledge of composite materials. Quickly, his passion for shaping became as strong as his passion for the sport, and after crafting over 50 boards for himself and his friends, he launched Evasionkiteboards in 2008. The brand has since produced over 1000 kiteboards entirely made in Quebec, serving customers throughout Canada and around the world.

Over the years, we have honed our kiteboard manufacturing technique, working diligently to improve every aspect of our boards. We have studied the properties of materials and the physics of water navigation to create kiteboards that offer optimal performance and unmatched enjoyment

Every board we create is the result of our passion and technical expertise. This passion inspires us to craft superior-quality kiteboards, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered to provide an exceptional riding experience.

At Evasionkiteboards, our values are excellence, innovation, and closeness. We take pride in producing high-quality and durable kiteboards that meet the expectations of the most demanding riders. We are also committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting local economy. Furthermore, we always listen to our customers and aim to establish a close relationship with them. We want to know, advise, and build a trusting relationship with our customers, which is why our products are not sold through a network of retailers. We are not driven by short-term profits, but by the satisfaction of seeing our customers happy and content.

Therefore, when you purchase from Evasionkiteboards, you can be assured that you are getting a quality product, manufactured responsibly and ethically, without having to pay additional costs associated with intermediaries.

Evasion Kiteboards

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